Intensive course of Russian in Krasnodar

Krasnodar, Russia, 2022

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About the course

Dear friends and students of Russian! I SPEAK Russian school in Krasnodar is organizing a wonderful intensive offline course for students A2-B1 level. The course is designed to immerse into Russian language and culture, drastically improve your spoken communication skills along with expanding your active Russian vocabulary.

The course will take place in the biggest southern city of Russia – Krasnodar. Krasnodar has population over 1 million people and it is located near the Black sea (2 hours drive) and near the mountains (2,5 hours drive). It has warm and mild climate and lots of sunny days.

Everyone knows that learning a foreign language is always more efficient in the country where it is spoken. You will have classes with several professional teachers from iSPEAK Russian school who are professors at Universities (Krasnodar State Universities) and have experience teaching Russian as foreign languages for more than 10-15 years. During classes you will speak Russian and no English (only when it is needed).  

The course will be during 7 days with 4 hours/ classes of learning Russian each day. Totally about 30 hours/ classes of speaking practice in classes in the morning and afternoon (there is the speaking practice during the daytime outside the class, too!). If you want to stay longer days or have additional classes or individual classes with a teacher it is also possible.

The course will be designed in a very practical way so that you learn something in the morning what and use it in the evening conversations. For example, we learn about food and restaurants and then later in the evening you go to the restaurants and each have to order for yourself or we learn about transport and you go and buy a ticket, etc (under close supervision of your tutor).

All materials will be provided (the book, handouts, and more). You will all get Russian gifts in the end of the program and certificate of attendance of the course.



(the price you pay for the course includes the following)





  • Pick up from and to the airport
  • Comfortable stay in a spacious room in a hotel in downtown Krasnodar (few blocks from main street of the city)
  • Breakfast in the hotel.
  • Lunch in the office after the classes or in the hotel.
  • Russian classes are to be held in a comfortable conference hall equipped for 30 + people. The building is located in downtown, right in the heart of the city of Krasnodar, next to all attractions, restaurants and sights.
  • Dinner at a restaurant (vegetarian food can also be provided upon request)


Cultural immersion





The course is also designed to give you an experience of Russian culture and people. That is why during the course you will meet different people and converse with them in Russian. You will visit places of interest and culture like museum (learn about the history of the city and the region), churches, theater, etc. (For shopping Russian souvenirs or buying whatever you want in shopping malls or flee markets we will have a special time also)


Dates and prices

First group in Spring 2022. (then 2 times in summer and fall)

March 21-27, 2022

Price: Total price of the course is 1500 EUR

Flight tickets, health insurance and visa fees are not included in the price of the course.


  • The course is planned to be at least 3 times in 2022. In March (end of March), in July (or other month of summer) and in fall (October or November).
  • This is not the final course program. The final program with the topics to learn, exact places to visit, timing, etc will be offered upon request.
  • You will need to obtain tourist visa to Russia. If you apply for the course and make prepayment we will provide hotel booking documents that you will need in order to apply for visa.
  • We bear no responsibility of the COVID restrictions on the border but will provide all necessary information for you to get through (vaccines, etc).
  • If you want to apply for the upcoming course please let us know before December 15, 2021.